12x Philodendron White Princess (small)

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12x Philodendron white princess (small)

Philodendron erubescens ‘White Princess’

Similar to the famed Pink Princess, this is a new, rare variety that can also show hints of pink if given the right light. Its distinct pearl white streaks and spots will stand out and elevate any interior.

SM: ~ 6-9″ tall and a 4″ pot.

Pro-tip: Keep in a well-lit spot for maximum variegation.

Philodendron ‘White Princess’ is very similar to another white variegated Philodendron ‘White Knight’. While White Knight has brown-red petioles, White princess petioles are green, but with pink edges.

Those pink edges sometimes can sprid and develop into pink variegated partitions on the leaf. While it’s possible, it doesn’t happen often and next leaf will probably be green-white again.

Step by step instructions to Really focus On PHILODENDRON ‘WHITE PRINCESS’:
Light Prerequisites for Philodendron ‘White Princess’: this plant needs splendid roundabout light to keep up areas of strength for with/variety. It might require a little while of direct sun-for however long it’s in the first part of the day, or late evening. Stay away from full sun with this plant.

Watering Tips for Philodendron ‘White Princess’: Permit the main 1/3 of the dirt to go dry prior to watering. Assuming you want some assist knowing while with watering your plant a dampness meter is a useful device that can take out a portion of the mystery!

The Best Soil for Philodendron ‘White Princess’: Your plant will fill best in a stout, well depleting soil blend. Our Folia Most loved Preparing Blend is an incredible decision!

Is Philodendron ‘White Princess’ Pet Safe? Philodendron ‘White Princess’ isn’t pet safe and can be harmful when consumed by pets. Assuming you’re searching for other pet-safe plants, make certain to look at the Pet Safe classification of the Plant Care Abstract!

The most effective method to style Philodendron ‘White Princess’: We love ‘White Princess’ in a dazzling white pot that draws out the white variegation in the leaves. Remember that as a self-heading Philodendron, ‘White Princess’ will develop as an upstanding plant and won’t require something to climb, except if it gets leggy and needs a stake for help.

Did you be aware? Philodendron ‘White Princess’ can foster all white, or all green leaves over the long run, neither of which are perfect for the plant. Strong white leaves don’t contain sufficient chlorophyll for the leaves (or the plant assuming that an excessive number of leaves are strong white) to endure long haul. Strong green leaves mean the plant is returning to its parent plants. To keep up with great variegation, assuming that strong white or green leaves structure, basically prune the plant back to the last leaf with pleasant variegation. Make certain to cut under a hub (little knocks that structure along the stem) or simply under the leaf. This is where new development will arise, with the goal that the plant can keep on stretching out and frame new leaves. Likewise with all pruning-make certain to utilize a cleaned, sharp cutting edge, taking consideration not to pulverize the stem.

How to identify a Philodendron White Princess

Many Philodendron plants may strike you as one and the same at first glance. But take a closer look and you’ll see that there are differences. So what makes a White Princess, well, a White Princess?

Let’s start with how she looks. There’s no mistaking the white variegation on a White Princess’ leaves. The shape of her foliage is long and elegant, and her stems are green and fresh-looking. A White Princess has underground and aerial roots, both of which enable her to get nutrients from her environment. Care for your White Princess well and this statuesque beauty can reach a height of 1m. 

12x Philodendron White Princess (small)

We ship only healthy (in pot) growing plants. We carefully remove the soil and wrap the roots in humid sterile coconut peat. Then we gently pack the rootball in a plastic bag. After that, we wrap the plant in newspaper and then in a strong cardboard box shipped with Thai registered airmail.

– This photos is a sample not the exact plant.i’ll send you the exact plant before ship.
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Specific things the AIP does not cover: 12x Philodendron white princess
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– Fungus
– Natural changes *Leaves off (turn brown), root rotten or caused by preparing stage & shipping (SPECIFIC TO ANY MONSTERA It’s really easy to get root rot and yellowish)
– Lost or stolen packages

1.Package must be accepted on first delivery attempt for the AIP to be valid.

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Please note, the limited amount of time given to file a claim is only to ensure the plant is not left outside in extreme weather conditions for an extended period of time before acceptance.

We guarantee the plant will arrive alive, but cannot guarantee it will survive being left in extreme temps for more than an hour.) We can hold paid orders on request and we provide tracking for every order we ship.

In addition, if you prefer to have the delivery address changed to a neighbor or your place of employment to ensure timely acceptance please send us a message.

3. A minimum of 3 photos must be sent with the initial contact within the first hour, and must include one photo of the packaging it arrived in, one photo of the damage and one photo of the whole plant in its original package. These should be clear photos taken in a well-lit area. In addition, we may request that you send additional photos to help us best determine the quickest way to resolve the issue.

6. There was no return or refund in any case. Only reship in the same value if plant were missing or died from shipping only.
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7.Some plants might have some little spots or a little yellowish edge due to our hot temps or sun exposure but newer, younger leaves come out with beautiful white variegation then they turn creamer tone as they mature or get a bit darker if exposed to lots of sun or warmer temps.We do not take responsibility for yellowish or fallen leaves,please understand.

8.International customers be aware of the quarantine restrictions in your country During the covid situatiom some country might take many week to be delivered. Custom clearance in the destination country is the buyer’s responsibility.

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Philodendron White Princess plant is a spectacular, intriguing Aroid houseplant with green sharp leaves and a lot of white variegated dots and blotches.
It is both a profoundly brightening and simple consideration decision for your indoor wilderness! The Philodendron White Princess is a lasting from the Araceae family.
It is described by white paint-spotted variegation on the green oval leaves and is valued for its stunning foliage.
PLANT CARE Light and HumidityPhilodendron White Princess are slow cultivators.
To establish an ideal climate for them to develop, you should give high dampness and splendid, circuitous light.
Because of its dazzling variegation this Philodendron requires a wealth of circuitous light to keep up with it.
On the off chance that you notice searing on the white pieces of the leaves it needs more light to photosynthesis.
Lower measure of lights will probably make the variegation blur and could bring about the plant biting the dust.
SoilAlthough the White Princess Philodendron plant is uncommon, its ideal preparing blend fixings are normal, and will flourish in practically all the dirt blends a regular Philodendron would.
Be that as it may, the dirt should be well-depleting while likewise holding some dampness.
In the event that you need a sound White Princess Philodendron plant, try not to utilize weighty soils like peat earth as this causes suffocation of the roots.
Delivering Care:Although we bundle with extreme attention to detail, the stems are delicate and may break during travel.
Plants probably won’t be as longNote:Do Not Leave Your Bundle in the post box.
Not In any event, for 60 minutes.
This will consume the plant.
Delivering IN Chilly climate: If it’s not too much trouble, actually take a look at your nearby weather conditions gauge prior to purchasing.
We prescribe you add an intensity pack to your request in the event that are requesting live plants and cuttings and your region is encountering temperatures under 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
On the off chance that your buy falls under the free delivery after a $35 buy, assuming it is under 1 lb, and you would like your request to be sent need rather than five star, this extra should be purchased!Priority transporting rates have gone up following the ongoing pandemic.
There have been delivering defers across the US and need transporting is profoundly proposed for the acquisition of plants.
If it’s not too much trouble, READ Prior to Buying: Since plants are living things like us, they develop and change-similarly as! Except if the posting states in any case, photographs are Just portrayals of can be anticipated.
Insignificant measures of harm during transportation is extremely normal, dropping yellow leaves/harmed leaves is a typical event.
I can really just assurance that the plant will be alive upon appearance with a solid underground root growth set up.
I give a valiant effort to pack the plants securely to forestall any harm.
Keep in mind: Plants develop and change so regardless of whether a leaf or two shows up with some harm they will put out new ones! As someone who likewise much of the time purchases plants on the web, I comprehend the fervor of getting a plant via the post office! I likewise comprehend disillusionment of getting something not what you expected.
I give a valiant effort to ensure the plants I give are cheerful and sound, but in the event that something isn’t what you envisioned then obviously, kindly go ahead and reach me.
THESE PLANTS ARE Extremely Delicate TO TEMPERATURES UNDER 40°Our shop isn’t liable for any virus harm the plant might insight during delivery.
In spite of the fact that intensity packs don’t ensure a live appearance in frigid temperatures, it most certainly helps and they are accessible in the shop to add to your buy.
If it’s not too much trouble, Know about YOUR CLIMATE!(We hold plants for individuals with a future boat date Constantly! simply ask) Transportation Every one of the 2″ and 4″ plants are sent utilizing USPS Top notch Mail for a conveyance season of 5-7 days.
Each of the 6″ plants and bigger plants are delivered USPS Need Mail.
We ask that you kindly permit 3 days for postage.
Delivering Overhaul On the off chance that your buy falls under the free delivery after a $35 buy, assuming it is under 1 lb, and you would like your request to be transported need rather than top notch, add on should be purchased!Priority transporting rates have gone up following the ongoing pandemic.
There have been transporting defers across the US and need delivering is exceptionally proposed for the acquisition of plants.
We can’t be considered answerable for transportation delays.
Kindly buy the extra for faster transportation! REFUNDIf you’re discontent with your request or on the other hand on the off chance that your request is harmed, kindly reach us, with photograph evidence, inside the initial 3 days of conveyance and we might possibly give either a discount or send a substitution – – whichever is more helpful to you.
Client SERVICEHere at our shop , we endeavor to offer quality plants and, Surprisingly, BETTER client care.
We vow to make every effort to guarantee both your plants’ wellbeing and your joy.
We just ask that you be patient, as the postal administrations really do once in a while encounter challenges with the shipment.
To make this stunning plant last and fill your existence with bliss, we urge you to look further into it on the web.
If it’s not too much trouble, be exhorted that few out of every odd plant is indistinguishable.
Your plant might appear to be minimal unique from the publicized; in any case, be guaranteed, we handpicked our plants to measure up to your assumptions.
Gratitude for shopping with us.
Cutting As it were :Plant Cutting spread should be possible in water or soil, yet when it starts, the plant has troublesome changing to the next developing medium.
In the event that you place the cutting in water, the plant ought to stay in water once it becomes bigger.
The equivalent goes for a cutting engendered in the dirt.
It is typical for your slicing to shed a couple of leaves over the long run, however in the event that you are seeing expanded leaf misfortune, there may be a basic issue.
Assuming your cutting plant has mutilated leaf development, this might be because of supplement and additionally light inadequacies, bug pervasions, or too little water.
Mealybugs and scale frequently take up home on the plant, and can be eliminated with a liquor splashed cotton ball.

image 3
12x Philodendron White Princess (small) 4

In the event that the cutting plant leaf tips are becoming brown, this is an indication of low moistness.
To take care of this issue, you can delicately shower your plant with water or spot it in a room with a humidifier.
Uncovered Root As it were :Soil: Lightweight, very much circulated air through, quick depleting developing mediumContainer: Utilize a little measured pot that keeps the roots firmly pressed; Waste openings are a mustLight: Albeit this plant will get by in low light circumstances, brilliant roundabout daylight is bestTemperature: Daytime 70 F (21 C) or more, evening 60-65 F (16-18 C)Humidity: Higher mugginess than normal family levels (40-60 percent)Watering: Water when the dirt is practically dry during development stage, rarely during winterFertilizing: Feed month to month with weakened water-solvent manure just in spring and summerPotted plant As it were :Don’t WATER YOUR PLANT for no less than 2-3 days.
Don’t RE-POT for somewhere around 6 two months.
Your plant Needs to settle and adjust.
A few leaves could drop or become yellow.

The Philodendron White Princess vs. other Philodendron varieties

Other Philodendron varieties bear a distinct resemblance to the White Princess, but there can only be one true royal. To know if yours is the real deal, there are things you can check: leaf variegation, stem colour and leaf size.

While all plants from the Philodendron genus belong to the Araceae family, the White Princess is one of the cultivars with striking white variegation on its leaves. The other varieties with white marks are the Philodendron White Knight and White Wizard.

Leaf of rare tropical 'Philodendron White Princess' houseplant with white variegation with spots

Now it’s easy to mistake one for the other, but leaf size and stem colour can tell you which is which. Compared to the White Princess’ narrow foliage, the White Wizard and White Knight have broad leaves. A White Knight also has reddish-brown stems, unlike the White Princess’ green stems.

You can also differentiate the White Princess from the other two white Philodendrons by her structure. She is considered a self-heading plant and can support herself, whereas the Knight and Wizard are trailing climbers. Another indicator is cost. Because the White Wizard is a fast grower and the easiest to propagate, it has the lowest price point among the 3 varieties.

When checking for your plant’s authenticity against the Rojo Congo or Imperial Gold varieties, take a look at the leaf size as well. A White Princess has smaller leaves than the other two Philodendrons.

There’s no contest when you’re pitting a Princess against a Wizard and Knight, but what happens when you place two aristocratic indoor plants side by side? We’re talking about the White Princess’ ultimate rival, the Philodendron Pink Princess. Both are stunning in their own right! But, as their names suggest, a White Princess has white variegations, while a Pink Princess has pink variegations. 


A White Princess is not a drought-resistant plant – it needs an environment with medium to high humidity to be at its best. If the dry air in your home is causing your White Princess to look thin and lackluster, don’t worry. There are many ways to solve this problem.

Place your White Princess in the bathroom and see it regain its vigour. This part of your home has a higher moisture level in the air than in other indoor areas. Alternatively, you can mist your plant using a spray bottle. A twice-a-week misting can do wonders in improving the humidity of your White Princess’ environment. During dry winter months, mist once every 10 days to provide adequate moisture for your plant. Use the fine mist setting for a gentle spray.

Another way to improve the humidity in your home is to make a pebble tray to go underneath your White Princess. When the water in the tray evaporates, it creates a micro-environment

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