Philodendron Florida Beauty plant

Florida beauty plant. Looking for a unique and beautiful addition to your Florida garden? Check out our selection of Florida beauty variegated plants!

Florida beauty variegated plants ( Episcia ) are beautiful and unique additions to any Florida garden! The Florida Beauty variegated plant features colorful, variegated leaves that grow in long, trailing stems, making them perfect for hanging baskets or other areas where their long stems can drape over and around objects.

Don’t let the words variegated or long stems scare you away; these beautiful plants make great indoor houseplants, too! You can also use them as ground covers if you have an area where something has died and needs to be covered up. Beautiful Variegated Plants: The Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Plant A beautiful variegated plant can add some much-needed color to your home decor. Variegated plants are not always easy to find, but fortunately the Philodendron Florida Beauty Variegated Plant is common and easy to find at local nurseries and garden centers. Read on to learn more about this beautiful plant and its care requirements.